It’s hard to know how to avoid TREC complaints and disciplinary actions unless you stay well versed
in what specific situations are the most likely to lead to TREC complaints. Many agents assume
they will never get into trouble simply because they view themselves as fair and ethical agents. While
most agents really are fair and ethical, the truth about TREC complaints is more complicated than that.

That truth is that the world of buying and selling real estate is incredibly technical. At the same
time, an agent’s career is built upon how willing they are to go above and beyond for their clients.
Sometimes an agent goes too far and crosses the line into actions that put them in danger of a TREC
complaint, or even a lawsuit by a disgruntled client. This is usually the result of being too focused on
making the client happy at any cost or ensuring the transaction goes through after serious hiccups. This
can result in allegations against the agent such as those for unauthorized practice of law.

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