• Check What Box? How To Protect Your Buyer In A Contract? 33074
  • Business Strategies for Growth 33991
  • Referrals – The WOW Factor 33072
  • Don’t Let Down Payment Bring You Down 33075
  • From Couch To Lead Utilizing Social Media 33076
  • Legalities In Advertising 33992

The Law Office of Christopher J. Sullivan, PLLC is a TREC licensed continuing education provider (license No. 10191) for both elective and required courses. Whether you need credit for Legal Updates 1 & 2 or have a desire to learn  something specific, we have you covered. In fact, we focus our elective courses on building referral business, social media marketing, understanding the mortgage lending and title process, and more. Below are a few of the courses The Law Office of Christopher J. Sullivan, PLLC and his team offer:

  • Christopher J. Sullivan 4278
  • Stephanie Lynn Shearin 4906
  • Pandian Kumar 4551
  • Dustin Paine 3779
  • Nestor Morales pending

Continuing Education


Our instructors are seasoned real estate professionals who have built their careers servicing Texas REALTORS (symbol) and their clients. If you see any of the following real estate professionals teaching a CE course in the Dallas Fort Worth area, there is a good chance our team is behind it!

  • Ricardo Mendiola 3186
  • Richard Lewis Walker 4816
  • Andrew Bryan 4914
  • Elizabeth Matulnes 3919
  • Kelly Haney 4426
  • Opening Your Mind To Open Houses 33993
  • Using Reverse Mortgages as a Toolkit for Real Estate Agents 34551
  • Finding Your Voice in Real Estate - A Marketing Class For Realtors 35034
  • How To Sell And Lease Commercial Real Estate 34228
  • Understanding Credit Repair – Not Yet Assigned

Visit our events tab to see what courses we are offering next and shoot us an email at Kathy@CJSLawTx.com to request a course at your brokerage or next event.